Welcome to The Ear Institute of Texas

        a Parallel ENT & Allergy practice

        The Ear Institute of Texas provides medical and surgical treatments of the ear, nose, throat for patients of all ages. This includes all forms of otolaryngology conditions, including subspecialty care of both otology/neurotology and laryngology conditions by fellowship-trained physicians. The practice also offers vestibular testing, allergy evaluation and treatments including immunotherapy options.

        Our Voice & Swallowing Institute provides all aspects of laryngoscopy care for the voice, swallowing, and the airway. And our onsite Hearing Institute of Texas fits patients with hearing aids and provides all aspects of audiology care, including cochlear implantation.

        Voice and Swallowing Institute of Texas
        The Voice & Swallowing Institute of Texas aims to improve your communications through the most beautiful instrument, your voice. Our laryngology services are led by Dr. Jennifer Bergeron, laryngologist.

        Better Hearing for a Better Life

        Diagnosing, treating, and educating our patients are our priorities at the Hearing Institute of Texas. Each patient receives a thorough screening and diagnosis related to hearing loss. We then customize a plan to ensure you receive the best treatment for your individual condition. Our staff offers individualized consultation, training, and ongoing support.

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