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Glossary of Terms

Dizziness: A sensation of lightheadedness, faintness, or unsteadiness.

Vertigo: A false perception of movement, commonly with a rotational, spinning component, either of the self or surrounding objects.

Imbalance: Stumbling, clumsiness, unsteadiness, loss of equilibrium, veering when walking straight or loss of balance when changing directions.

Brain fog: When the brain is dedicating a great deal of energy to maintain equilibrium and stay steady, activities such as recalling details or short-term memory may become more difficult, and thinking might seem “slow”.

Tinnitus: A perceived noise in one or both ears, either intermittent or continuous. Often described as a ringing, hissing, whistling, buzzing, or clicking sound and can vary in pitch from a low roar to a high squeal.

Hearing loss: Reduction in the ability to hear sounds is a common symptom; VeDA (non-profit Vestibular organization) reported that 60 % of people suffering from vestibular disorders had hearing loss in one or both ears.

Vision impairment: Blurred vision, doubling vision, poor ability to focus on objects while moving, sensation of bouncing environment while walking.

Nausea: An upset stomach, or urge to vomit.

Cognitive changes: Difficulty thinking, paying attention or concentrating, short-term memory loss, etc.

Psychological changes: Vestibular dysfunction is directly correlated with anxiety as they have some shared neurological pathways.

Motion sickness: Symptoms of nausea or queasiness when riding in a car, on an airplane or boat, while watching 3D movies or scrolling on the computer quickly.

Spatial Disorientation: Disconnection between head and body and surrounding environment.

These symptoms do not have to be permanently debilitating and can be treated by a skilled physical therapist who is trained in vestibular rehabilitation. With rehabilitation from our certified vestibular specialist you can walk without a fear of falling. Seeking treatment early is recommended for optimal outcomes and a better quality of life with improved self-confidence while enjoying your favorite activities.


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