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Our History

The Ear Institute of Texas

The Ear Institute of Texas was founded in 2003 by Dr. Lance Jackson, who was fellowship trained in the subspecialty of otolaryngology called Otology/Neurotology and had recently left a training program where he was the director of the Otology/Neurotology fellowship program.  Dr. Jackson’s intention was to provide the best care for patients with otologic or neurotologic disorders.

At EIT, our services include the treatment of all forms of hearing loss, dizziness and balance disorders, facial disorders, skull base tumors, and allergy effects on the ear, including condition such as Ménière’s disease, cholesteatoma, acoustic neuroma, and otosclerosis.  At EIT, we have always treated all ages and perform the medical and surgical treatments for the conditions we address.  EIT has always had audiometric and vestibular testing facilities staffed by highly educated audiologists.

We have also worked closely with specially trained physical therapists (either directly in the practice or at a nearby facility) to address many forms of dizziness and balance disorders.  Because allergies affect the ear in so many ways and can trigger conditions such as Ménière’s vertigo attacks, eustachian tube dysfunction, and ear infections, EIT also provides complete allergy treatment, including immunotherapy.

We believe that nearly all forms of hearing loss can be treated, whether that be by medical treatment, surgical treatment (such as PE tube placement, repair of tympanic membrane perforations, repair of ossicular abnormalities, or stapedotomy), hearing aid placement, or possibly cochlear implantation (a procedure that Dr. Jackson regularly performs).  We believe our sub-specialized and comprehensive care allows us to be usually be the last place a patient needs to come for evaluation of their ear disease and development of a treatment plan.

Dr. Jackson’s reputation spread and the practice rapidly grew, making it necessary to expand. In 2006 the practice added a physician assistant and in 2008 we moved to what is now our permanent location in Stone Oak, at the intersection of US highways 281 and 1604. The office space was specifically designed to be efficient for patients to now only get to the office but also flow through appropriate testing and medical evaluation.

In 2012 Dr. Walter Bain, a well-known and much respected otolaryngologist joined the practice. His vast amount of experience in ENT disorders allows him to care for our patients’ office-based needs.

In 2014, Dr. Jennifer Bergeron, a fellowship trained laryngologist, joined our team, and the Voice & Swallowing Institute of Texas was born! Dr Bergeron provides medical and surgical treatment for patients with hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, cancers of the larynx, chronic cough, and airway disorders. She performs multiple laryngeal procedures in the office and surgical procedures in the operating room. She also works closely with speech and language pathologists throughout the community to coordinate therapy when appropriate. Dr. Bergeron is currently the only laryngologist in private practice in south Texas.

At EIT and the Voice & Swallowing Institute, we continue to provide comprehensive care for all forms of Otology/neurotology, Laryngology, and other otolaryngology conditions. The services we provide include medical and surgical treatment of ear, throat, and other ENT disorders for patients of all ages. We also provide audiometric testing, vestibular testing, allergy evaluation with immunotherapy options, laryngoscopy, and videostroboscopy. Hearing aids are fitted through the Hearing Institute of Texas.  We specialize in minimally invasive techniques, including for both the ear and throat.

It is our goal to treat each patient like we would a family member.