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Hearing Aid Technology

Our state-of-the-art technology can now be used to treat hearing loss with hearing aids that can be fitted and programmed remotely.

In order to continue serving the hearing needs of our patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to offer remote services where your hearing aids can be fit, fine-tuned and programmed without requiring an in-office visit.

  • New Hearing Aid Pick up:  For all new patients who would like to place an order for hearing aids, you may schedule a detailed consultation appointment with our Doctor of Audiology either by telephone or via a Zoom application call (Video Telemedicine).
    Ordered Hearing Aids will be specifically programmed to match your hearing levels by our Audiologist and any further fine-tuning changes can be done either remotely or through an app on the phone.
    Patients will have access to an extended trial period of 30-45 days and can pick up hearing aids without an appointment.
  • Hearing Aid Check/Fine Tuning: For our current patients, most of the hearing aids purchased within the past two years can be remotely programmed or fine-tuned to your hearing needs by an Audiologist. This can be accomplished without an in-person appointment.
  • Drop Off and Pick up: For any major repairs/damages, patients can drop off their hearing aids at the Ear Institute of Texas front desk.  An Audiologist will examine and repair the hearing aids in the office if possible. If not, they will be mailed to the manufacturer for repair.

You can reach our Doctor of Audiology, Dr. Tarun Wadhwa at (210)-696-4327 ext: 2102 for any hearing aid related questions.

You can visit our hearing device providers website for more detials:


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